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March 7, 2012

Antipop stops your speakers from popping when they turn on

On your Hackintosh, your audio speakers might make a loud popping sound whenever you turn them on. Mac OS X automatically powers off external speakers to save electricity, and powering them back on causes these popping sounds. This usually happens when you boot your Hackintosh, or when you start playing music/videos after a period of inactivity.

Antipop (Free) is a small, easy fix to this problem. It creates a system process, which runs in the background of Mac OS X, that "speaks" binary through your Hackintosh's speakers every 10 seconds. You won't actually hear a sound, but Mac OS X won't be able to turn off your speakers.

This solution can be hit-and-miss. Antipop works on some Hackintoshes, but doesn't do anything on others. You won't lose anything by trying it, though. 

Antipop was last updated in 2009, so it has only been tested for Mac OS X Leopard. However, it should still be compatible with newer versions of Mac OS X, like Snow Leopard and Lion

NOTE: Antipop will not fix popping and crackling sounds that happen while your speaker is playing sounds. It is only designed to prevent the speakers from making a popping sound when they turn on. Popping during sound playback is usually caused by a bad audio kext (VoodooHDA is particularly unreliable, in this sense).

UPDATE (4/14/12): If Antipop isn't working for you, you can also try installing the Mac Pro (3.1) system definition in Multibeast. This system definition seems to fix the "sound popping on startup" issue for some Hackintoshes.

SOURCE: Antipop