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March 9, 2012

How to edit your own DSDT with DSDT Editor

DSDTs are configuration files that tell Mac OS X how to use your Hackintosh's motherboard, without the need for extra kexts and drivers. A DSDT will make it a lot easier to enable sleep mode on your Hackintosh, and it will also fix any bootup problems related to your CPU. The newest Gigabyte motherboards no longer require DSDT files. And older Gigabyte motherboards have DSDT files available in tonymacx86's DSDT database. However, if you own a non-Gigabyte motherboard, you usually have to make your own DSDT. Editing DSDTs is extremely complicated, but you can automate this editing process by applying a patch with DSDT Editor instead.

March 7, 2012

Antipop stops your speakers from popping when they turn on

On your Hackintosh, your audio speakers might make a loud popping sound whenever you turn them on. Mac OS X automatically powers off external speakers to save electricity, and powering them back on causes these popping sounds. This usually happens when you boot your Hackintosh, or when you start playing music/videos after a period of inactivity.

March 4, 2012

How to extract icons from Mac apps

Another quick tip today: if you need a high-quality image of an application's icon, you can actually extract the icon from the application itself. Unlike in Windows, extracting app icons from Mac OS X is very easy. This isn't a Hackintosh-specific tip, but it's something that everybody should know how to do.