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July 18, 2012

Enable HD 4000 graphics on your Hackintosh (experimental)

By default, Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics are not supported by Mac OS X. You cannot change the screen resolution on a Hackintosh that uses HD 4000, and there's no graphics acceleration. However, in the recent Macbook Pro software update, Apple included graphics drivers that added support for Intel HD 4000. Though nobody was initially able to get these drivers to work with Hackintoshes, this has finally changed.

July 15, 2012

Dell XPS 8300: The Pre Built Hackintosh That You Can Buy From Any Store

We generally recommend that you build your own Hackintosh, since setting up Mac OS X is a lot easier when you know exactly what parts your computer uses. There are very few prebuilt desktop computers that have been confirmed to work with Mac OS X. However, if building your own computer is not practical, you've still got one good option: the Dell XPS 8300.