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April 1, 2012

Disable internet download warnings on Mac OS X

You've undoubtedly seen warnings like the one shown above on your Hackintosh before; every time you download anything from the internet, Mac OS X drops you this warning before you can open the file. Ostensibly, this is for your own security. However, if you don't need Mac OS X warning you about everything that you download, it's actually very to disable this "feature". This tip isn't Hackintosh-specific, so it'll work with real Macs too.

Open the Terminal app (located in the Utilities folder of Applications) and enter the following command:

defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO

This command turns off the hidden Mac OS X setting for these warnings. Once you're done, you need to restart Finder. You can do this by logging off. You can also restart Finder by using the "Force Quit Applications" feature in Mac OS X, which can be opened with the keyboard shortcut Command+Option+Esc (known as Alt+Windows+Esc on Windows keyboards).

To turn the warnings back on, just enter the same line of code in Terminal, but replace "NO" with "YES".

If you only want to turn off internet download warnings for a specific folder, use this command instead:

xattr -d -r FolderPath

Replace "FolderPath" with the location of the folder where you want to turn off the warnings. For example, "/System/Library/Extensions" (without the quotation marks).

Hopefully, with this quick and easy tip, you can make your Hackintosh's file system is happier and slightly less annoying place.

SOURCE: Macworld