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October 18, 2012

Quick Tip: Sound not working on your Hackintosh? Just buy a USB audio adapter.

Getting sound to work on your Hackintosh isn't always as easy as running Multibeast once or twice. Instead, some computer motherboards have "nonstandard" audio codecs, which don't work with the normal Realtek audio drivers included with Multibeast. In this case, your only option may to be to install VoodooHDA, the notoriously unreliable Hackintosh sound driver known for its poor sound quality (and tendency to cause kernel panics). If you don't want to use VoodooHDA, or you're simply having problems with your Hackintosh's audio in general, you might want to buy a USB audio adapter instead.

Specifically, buy the SYBA SD-CM-UAUD. The SYBA is one of the few USB audio adapters that works with Hackintoshes "out of the box". You don't need to install any extra drivers; just plug the SYBA into your computer, and the audio will be ready to go.

In terms of sound quality, the SYBA actually does a decent job. At least, it still offers better sound quality than VoodooHDA. And better yet, the SYBA is available from most online retailers for less than $10. If you're having a hard time working with the sound on your Hackintosh, this is definitely the easy way out.

When configuring the SYBA for this first time, you may have to open the System Preferences app, go to "Sound", and choose "USB Sound Device" in the "Output" section. However, this is the limit to what you have to do to set up the SYBA.

SOURCE: USB Stereo Audio Adapter Works with PC and Mac System