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January 30, 2012

Mac SuperBundle sells Parallels Desktop and more for less than $50

Parallels Desktop has always been my virtualization suite of choice for Mac OS X. If you're looking for a way to boot your Hackintosh's Windows partition in a virtual machine, I can't recommend it highly enough. Best of yet, Parallels Desktop is now available for $49 (normally $60 on Amazon) in the Mac SuperBundle.

The Mac SuperBundle bundles Parallels Desktop along with two other popular Mac apps, iStat Menus Pro and Little Snapper. Also included are several less well-known apps: Flux 3, iStopMotion Home 2, Fantashow, Video Converter 2, SyncMate Expert 3, and CuteClips 3.

This SuperBundle is touted as a 89% discount. If you're only interested in Parallels Desktop, $49 is still nearly twenty percent cheaper than Parallels' $60 price on Amazon, and nearly forty percent cheaper than Parallels' standard $80 price point. This bundle lasts a total of 10 days, meaning that it will end on February 8.

I'm also obliged to give a quick shout-out to VMWare Fusion ($40), which has always been Parallels' main competitor. VMWare Fusion has its own advantages: it's more competitively priced than Parallels, and you can use it to create a virtual machine from your retail copy of Lion (Parallels only allows you to create virtual machines with the server edition of Lion). But in my experience, VMWare can't match Parallels in terms of performance or user experience. If you've been interested in virtualization for your Hackintosh, or if you've already pirated Parallels and you want to go legit, now's the time.

SOURCE: Mac SuperBundle