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February 24, 2012

Rename partitions on your Hackintosh bootscreen

We've previously covered how to hide hard disks on your Hackintosh bootscreen, but what if you want to rename your hard disks instead? Maybe you just want to make your Hackintosh bootscreen look a little more polished-- after all, "System Reserved" isn't exactly a self-explanatory name for your Windows hard disk. Luckily, Chameleon and Chimera, the standard bootloaders for Hackintoshes, have the ability to change the names of the hard disk partitions that show up on your bootscreen.

This option is (fittingly) named "Rename Partition". To enable Rename Partition, go to the /Extra folder in your main hard drive and open org.Chameleon.boot.plist with TextEdit. This is the configuration file for Chameleon bootloader, which Chimera is based on. Between and <dict> and </dict>, add the following line:

<key>Rename Partition</key>
<string>"oldName" newName</string>

Replace "oldName" with the name of the hard drive partition that you want to rename (keep the quotation marks). If you haven't named your hard drives, now's a good time to do it. You can rename hard drives in Windows by right-clicking on a hard drive in Windows Explorer (My Computer) and going to "Properties".

Next, replace "newName" with the replacement name for your hard drive partition (no quotation marks this time). This is what my copy of org.Chameleon.boot.plist looks like when I rename my "System Reserved" partition as "Windows".
The Rename Partition feature works with any number of number of hard drives; here's how you hide two hard drives:

<key>Rename Partition</key>
<string>"oldName" newName "oldName2" newName2</string>

Rename Partition also supposedly works with hide drive numbering, e.g. hd(0,1) hd(0,2). However, I've found this to be extremely unreliable, so I recommend using hard drive names instead.