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January 22, 2012

How to find your BIOS version in Windows

tonymacx86's UserDSDT method is definitely the easiest way to set up a new Hackintosh with either Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion. Unfortunately, the UserDSDT method requires that you know the specific BIOS version of your motherboard. While most motherboards display their version number on their boot screen, Gigabyte motherboards, the most popular choice for Hackintoshing, don't.

So the question is, how do you find the BIOS version of your motherboard when Gigabyte seems steadfast on hiding that information from you? If you already have Windows installed on a separate hard drive in your Hackintosh (or your to-be Hackintosh), then it's actually very easy.

Boot Windows, and download CPU-Z. CPU-Z is freeware that gathers information about the components of your computer, including your motherboard. Open CPU-Z and check the "Mainboard" section. Your BIOS version is in the "Rev" field.

Now that you know your BIOS version, you can download the appropriate DSDT for your motherboard from the DSDT section of tonymacx86. If there isn't any DSDT file available for your specific version, check out this blog post on updating your BIOS.

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