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January 26, 2012

Rosewill RCR-AK-IM5002: Confirmed for Mac OS X Lion

Recently, I purchased a Rosewill RCR-AK-IM5002 internal card reader for my Hackintosh. Purchasing any peripheral for a Hackintosh is a relatively risky proposition, since Hackintoshes frequently encounter issues with webcams, sound cards, wireless cards, and even mice and keyboard. These issues are often insolvable, as drivers tend to be either poorly-written, or completely nonexistent.

Luckily, the RCR-AK-IM5002 works out of the box. No drivers are necessary (which is fortunate, because no Mac OS X drivers exist for this reader). All three USB ports work, the SDHC card slot works, and even the archaic CompactFlash slot is supported. If you're looking for an internet card reader for your internal card reader, using the RCR-AK-IM5002 isn't a bad idea.

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